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How to download a broadcast from Periscope?

Periscope - one of the most popular applications now. It used to be a sensation among other internet apps. What makes Periscope different from other less popular apps?

This was the first of its kind. Periscope gives an opportunity to start an online broadcast from anywhere in the world. Other users can easily join any broadcast, watch it and leave comments to the host. This new social network obtained more than 1 million followers for 10 days after launch. It is not surprising that Periscope bought Twitter for $100 million. All the broadcasts are different as well as their hosts. Some tell about travelling, some give master classes and some just jabber in front of a camera. Everyone can find a broadcast to their liking.

The broadcast is available for 24 hours after its ending and then removed from the share. It could be very inconvenient and that's why the question "How to download a broadcast from Periscope?" arises so often in the Internet.

How to download broadcast form Periscope to PC?

There are different options, but today we'll talk about the fastest and simplest one.

To download the desired broadcast all you need is to use website and the link to

  1. Open the online-broadcast that you want to download from Periscope.

  2. Copy link url of the online broadcast from the address bar.

  3. Get back to and paste the link into the search field.

  4. Click the Search button.

  5. Choose the desired format. There's only two in our example.

  6. All done! While you are reading this line, your video must have already got downloaded.

Lucky you, now you know how to download an online broadcast from Periscope!