Download videos from your favourite websites

How to save a video from VK to computer? - is the most popular social media among Russian-speaking users and it holds more than 380 million accounts. Users like Vkontakte for its very intuitive interface and also because it lets them stay in touch with friends. is not just about free messages and "likes" but also about sharing invaluable information, blogging, photo and video publishing and music. VK users often save some useful links, articles on their pages sometimes integrating external resources including video files from other websites. Apart from communicating with other users you can develop your business using VK business-pages and advertisement.

How to download a VK video without using software?

It's not surprising if while watching yet another very interesting video it occurred to you: "Is there a way to download this video from VK to my computer?"

Now it's time to answer that question and save the video from online. There's just a few things we'll need for that: website and a spare minute. Let's get to it!

  1. In order to download the video we need to get its link. Open the video and copy the link from your browser's address bar.

  2. Get back to and paste the link into the search box.

  3. Click Search button

  4. The thumbnail of our video appears on the screen. Choose the desired resolution and click on it.

  5. The download process has started. Wait till completion and watch!

  6. That's it. The video is on your computer. Enjoy!

As you can see saving VK video to your computer is easy!

How to download a video from VK to Android?

Okay, we know how to deal with the video if you use a PC but what about Android phones? lets you download videos on Android too. The steps remain the same except the video link is copied from the VK application rather than a browser.

Turns out downloading a VK video without using any software just with the help of is very easy! See for yourself.